What is an Immediate Family?

The concept of an immediate family comprises members of a family who share blood relations or are close to each other. The parents and their parents, siblings, children are often classified as the immediate family. However, the legal definition sometimes takes into account the presence of half-siblings, adopted child, civil partnership, cohabitation, and in-laws as … Read more

What is a Nuclear Family?

Strength and Stability

A nuclear family, in oppose to an extended family, only comprises of two parents and their children. Also known as the elementary family or conjugal family, the nuclear family‚Äôs concept became popular with the rise in capitalism in the US. The term `nuclear` originated from the Latin word `nucleus`, which in turn comes from another … Read more

Best Parenting Magazine


Parenting is one of the most discussed topics in the world. In the U.S. alone, more than ten thousand books and resources are frequently published by different media outlets and publishing houses solely about parenting and child development in the last 20 years. In the era of the internet, parents or to-be parents can easily … Read more

4 Types of Parenting Style

When we talk about parenting, we talk about raising a child. However, we should be talking about the process of raising a child. Parenting and child development are two of the most debated topics in the world. Numerous researches, panel discussions, interviews, and psychological evaluations were conducted in the last 70 years to assess different … Read more

Songs about Kids Growing Up

Kid listening to Songs

We all remember listening to particular songs when we were growing up. Although our earliest memories of songs go back to those Nickelodeon musicals, we all remember different songs from different phases of our growing up years. In many ways, these songs add to our nostalgia and take us back to our yore. Hence, songs … Read more