Best Haircut For Girls


Girls tend to be choosier when it comes to hairstyling. Thanks to popular media; music videos and movies, girls at young age desire to have a lush and full hair with unique styling. You must be wary about choosing the right hairstyle for your girl. The schools only allow minimal-hairstyling for young girls. To make … Read more

Best Haircut For Boys

Tapered Fohawk

Every parent asks around what kind of haircut would be best for boys. Most of the time, it’s the school look that they are concerned about. What are the best haircuts for boys? “What’s a good style that’s appropriate for school?” is the most commonly asked question. Parents want a clean-cut appearance for school. Kids … Read more

Top 10 Best Animated Movies For Kids

Animated Movies

Who doesn’t love Animated Movies? When we were kids, we loved watching animated movies and series. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, and Hannah & Barbara’s Tom & Jerry are two of the most-watched animated shorts in the last 60 years. With the launch of Cartoon Network in 1992, almost every child spent their holiday watching … Read more

10 Healthy Habits For Kids


Kids are the most intuitive beings. They often believe that they’re doing the right thing but many times they fail to grasp the concept of differentiating right from wrong. It’s the sole responsibility of the parents to help their kids comprehend the right behavior from wrong. By raising a kid in a conducive environment where … Read more

Baby Girl Quotes

Baby Quotes

What could be more exciting than raising a baby girl who would grow to become a woman like you? It is the best boon the parents could ever get. From the moment she’s born and takes her first step, everything becomes a memory you would always cherish. To celebrate the arrival of another strong female, … Read more