Songs about Kids Growing Up

Kid listening to Songs

We all remember listening to particular songs when we were growing up. Although our earliest memories of songs go back to those Nickelodeon musicals, we all remember different songs from different phases of our growing up years. In many ways, these songs add to our nostalgia and take us back to our yore. Hence, songs … Read more

Siblings without Rivalry

sibling without rivalry

Who among us remembers growing up without fighting with our siblings? Hardly any! It was probably our favorite chore while growing up. Rivalry with siblings is common in many households around the world which obviously makes parenting a difficult job. Most of the time, the gruesome rivalry between siblings generates out of jealously, competition, entitlement, … Read more

Extended Family

Extended Family

A family is a group of people consisting of parents, children, and relatives. The number and member of the family may differ from one group to another. However, they are a part of either a single-parent, nuclear or an extended family. In contrast to the single-parent family, the nuclear family and extended family has two … Read more

What are helicopter parents?

helicopter parents

Have you ever seen any parent who seems to be hovering over their children and getting over-involved with their life? Yes, they are helicopter parents! These are the kinds of parents who tend to overprotect, overindulge, over perfect, and over-control their children. A helicopter parent refers to the parents who pay over-attention to their children’s … Read more

Attachment Parenting

Attachment Parenting

The attachment parenting theory explains that the overall parenting should aim to promote the attachment of parents and children not only by expressing empathy and responsiveness but also by continuous physical closeness and touch. The debate surrounding the perfect form of parenting is always prevalent. Parents often seek ways to indulge emotionally with their children … Read more