Baby Girl Quotes

Baby Quotes

What could be more exciting than raising a baby girl who would grow to become a woman like you? It is the best boon the parents could ever get. From the moment she’s born and takes her first step, everything becomes a memory you would always cherish. To celebrate the arrival of another strong female, … Read more

Pregnancy Quotes

Pregnancy Quotes

Why pregnancy quotes are so popular? Well, you’ll only know when you expecting a baby or when something close to you is expecting one sooner! There is nothing more beautiful than bringing a new life to Earth. Pregnancy announcement quotes are also quite popular. Pregnancy quotes often are funny, deep, thoughtful, and inspiring to many … Read more

Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

Funny pregnancy announcement quotes

If you’re on Social Media, you’d know pregnancy announcement is kind of a big deal! You must have seen your friend announcing her pregnancy with a cute or funny quote along with a picture of a baby bump. It’s true, pregnancy announcement to friends and family on social media such as Facebook and Instagram is … Read more

What is Montessori Parenting?

Montessori Parenting

Montessori parenting embodies the belief that parents should respect their children and empower their abilities. Parents are always encouraged to give space, time, and support to their kids without doing it for them. This style of parenting believes in bridging the gap between home and school. Dr. Maria Montessori who invented the Montessori educational approach … Read more

What is Dolphin Parenting?

Dolphin Parenting

The rampant consumption of parenting books has led to the rise in the numbers of parenting experts and guides. With it, the different concepts of parenting have risen dramatically. Although Baumrind came up with the original concept of four types of parenting styles, the parenting experts, psychologists, and child development experts today have helped redefine … Read more